How to Add 2-step Authentication in the Bigpond Account?

Online security is more crucial than ever in the modern world. It is critical to take precautions to safeguard our online accounts in light of the rise in cyber threats and attacks. Using two-step authentication is one approach to achieve this. A security procedure called two-step authentication, commonly referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA), requires the user to supply two distinct authentication factors to confirm their identity. We’ll go over how to set up two-step authentication with a BigPond account in this blog. Learn in more detail about Bigpond email with the help of the Support Service Number.

Australian Internet service provider BigPond provides a range of services, including email, internet, and site hosting. Your BigPond account’s security can be considerably increased by enabling two-step authentication. It is quick and straightforward to add two-step authentication to a BigPond account. Kindly follow the points given below.

Step One – The user will have to access their Bigpond email account

Open the sign-in page for Bigpond email and enter your email address/username and password.

Step Two – The user will have to head to their account settings section.

After signing in to your account, select the “My Account” option to access your account settings.

Step Three – The user must now enable two-step authentication

There is a two-step authentication option available in your account settings. The two-step authentication option can be activated by clicking it.

Step Four – The user can choose the authentication method according to the choice given

You will be prompted to select your preferred form of authentication. Both utilizing a mobile phone number and using an authentication app are alternatives provided by BigPond. Pick the approach that you like most.

Step Five – Download the authentication app or enter your cell phone number.

You will be prompted to provide your phone number if you decide to use your mobile phone. To validate your phone number on the BigPond website, you will receive a code on your phone. If you decide to utilize an authentication app, you must download it and set it up by following the setup instructions.

Step Six – The user will then have to verify their method of authentication

You will be prompted to confirm your authentication method after entering your cell phone number or setting up the authentication app. To finish the verification procedure, you will need to input the code that you will get on your phone or in the authentication app on the Bigpond website.

Step Seven – The user will not have to enable two-step authentication

You will be prompted to enable two-step authentication once your login method has been confirmed. The two-step authentication option can be activated by clicking it. For more such info on Bigpond email users can connect with Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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