How to Get new Bigpond Email Account

BigPond is a fastly growing email service regulated by Telstra. It is one of the known largest telecommunications brand in Australia. Bigpond offers different facilities to the customers which include email accounts with the “” domain. Where a customers can access their email by the webmail. It also provides some features like a mailbox storage capacity, spam filtering, mobile access, syncing across multiple devices as well more importantly security measures. In order to get some of the offerings by bigpond visit the website where you can find updated information’s and specific details about their latest services.

To get a new BigPond email account, we suggest you to follow these 7 steps for registration process:

1. Firstly open the browser and search for BigPond website.

2. After getting the bigpond website you can see “Sign up” or “Get a new email account” option. Click on it to start for the registration process.

3. You can see necessary information which you have to fill out: such as your name, address, and email address. Make sure that the email address which you are going to use is not used by some others

4. Next steps is to generate a password where you have to create a strong and secure. Remember to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to make your password unique.

5. After creating password there is a terms of conditions where you have to read carefully each and agree the terms and conditions.

6. Now mostly every part for creating bigpond email account is completed. You must follow additional instructions which are provided by BigPond to finish the registration process. Some personal information or  verifying the email address can be included.

7. At last you can see successfully registered on your screen then its for sure that your bigpond email account have successfully registered. Log in to your new BigPond email account with the email address and password that you have provided while ago during the registration process. Please remember not to share your password to anyone and update it to protect the security of your new BigPond email account.

These are the following steps that a customer must follow in order to create for the official email account of Bigpond email. If there are any kinds of technical issues or queries, please consider getting in touch with the Bigpond Customer Care team.

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