What to Do When Your Bigpond Old Email Goes Missing in Outlook?

Is your BigPond old email missing from Microsoft Outlook? People find themselves amidst an abyss of confusion when their old BigPond email goes missing. Whether the old email was just another account, or you used it as a primary source of communication, here are some reasons why your account might be missing, and some pragmatic solutions to avoid this issue. 

Where Did Your Emails Go?

There are several reasons why your emails went missing from Outlook, including:

  • Synchronization Issues: For one, if there‚Äôs a sync issue between BigPond and Outlook, you might not find your email because Outlook depends on synchronization to display emails correctly and in order. 
  • Folder Misplacement: Sometimes emails get moved to the wrong folder, which makes you feel that they are missing when they are simply there in another folder. Your BigPond Email is no exception.
  • Data Corruption: Data corruption in your Outlook profile or the PST (Personal Storage Table) file can also lead to missing emails.
  • Outlook Rules: If you have configured Outlook rules that automatically move or delete emails, they may be responsible for the disappearance of your old BigPond emails.

Ways to Recover Missing Big Pond Old Emails in Outlook

  • You can start by checking the “Deleted Items” folder in Outlook because your old emails might be accidentally deleted, and you can still recover them from the trash folder.
  • Carefully examine all your Outlook folders and subfolders to ensure that your old BigPond emails are not misplaced because sometimes, emails may get moved unintentionally.
  • Check the synchronization settings between your BigPond email account and Outlook. Ensure they are configured correctly and that your account is syncing all folders.
  • If repairing the profile doesn’t work, you may need to recreate your Outlook profile. This involves setting up your BigPond email account from scratch, and before you proceed, ensure to back up your data to avoid losing any vital information.
  • Review your Outlook rules and filters to see if any are responsible for moving or deleting your emails, and adjust or disable them if necessary.
  • Perform an integrity check on your PST file. Go to the Account Settings in Outlook, Data Files tab, and select your PST file. Click on “Settings” and then “Data File Properties.” Under the General tab, click on “Check Now” to verify the integrity of the file.

If nothing works, reach out to the customer support team at Bigpond Customer Care Number. Their customer support team has assisted millions of people worldwide, and they can do the same for you by helping you find an old email in Outlook.

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