How to Generate App Password in Bigpond

Bigpond is one of the leading brand which is operated by Telstra for its email and internet service in Australia. If the users are unable to generate an app password for bigpond email account, here we suggest some helpful tips or steps which are as follows. The users have to be updated because sometimes the steps to generate app password may be changed over the time. The user must check and be updated on recent instructions on the Telstra official website or get connected to the Bigpond Technical support for the assistance. Here are the general steps to be followed:

  1.  Login to the Bigpond account: Firstly the users have to open the web browser and visit the official website of Telstra. Login to Bigpond email account by using valid username and password.
  2. Access to security settings: Once the user have logged in by using valid username and password, navigate to the account settings. Search for a section which is related to security or app password. The user have to check and explore the account settings to find the exact location.
  3. Generating the app password: Once you find the security setting section look for an option to generate an app password or manage app passwords. Click on that option.
  4. Creating app password: Follow the instructions which are mentioned to create a new app password. The users can be asked to give the following details, name or description to help to identify later on. Make sure that the detail which you have entered is secure and catchy.
  5. Save the app password: After creating or generating the password, it’s very important to save or note it down. While configuring the email client or app the password which you created is required.
  6. Configure email client or app: Finally configure email client or app to use the app password significantly than usual email password. After setting up the email account, the users have to enter app password which is created.

The users have to remember that creating an app password is very important while using third party email clients or apps such as Outlook, Thunderbird or a mobile email app to enter into Bigpond email. If the user are unable to find the option to create an app password or have any doubts or issues. Then I recommended to contact or be in touch with our Bigpond Customer Care Number for support assistance.

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