How to Add Contacts in group in Bigpond

Bigpond is an Australian company which provides internet services and email service facility. Bigpond service is operated by Telstra. If the users want to add contacts to a group in BigPond email account, we suggests to follow these steps:  

  1. Log in to Bigpond email account: Firstly the user have to open the web browser and then go to the BigPond email login page where the user have to enter the valid username and password to access the email account.
  2. Access contacts: Once the user have logged in then the email inbox will appear on the screen. Check out for an option mentioned as “Contacts” or “Address Book” where the user have to click on it to open the contacts lists.
  3.  Creating a group: When the user click on the “Contacts” or “Address Book” section an option to create a new group will be visible on the screen. Click on it to create a new group.
  4. Giving a name to the group: After creating groups the user have to give a specific name to the group. For example, “Family”,” Friends”, “Work Contacts”, etc that helps to categorize the specific contacts.
  5. Adding contacts to the group:
  6. The users have to search for the contacts which they want to add in the group.
  7. The user have to select the contacts by checking a box names to the names
  8. Search for an option on the screen that allows the user to add the selected contacts to a group. It should be labeled as “Add to Group” or “Move to Group”.
  9. Select the group that is created
  • Save the changes: After the contacts have been added to the group, remember to save the changes.
  • View and Manage the group: Now, the user will be able to look and access to the group that have been created in the Contacts or Address Books. The contacts within the group can be managed as add or remove contacts and the emails can be sent to the entire group.

If there are any issues or encounter any problem regarding how to add contacts in group in BigPond, our Bigpond Customer Care will be available to help and sort it out.

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