How to Create a Group in Bigpond Mail?

access the user email from all around the world through an internet connection. Beside that it offers different features which include email storage, contacts management, spam filtering and custom settings.

 Benefits of creating a group

  • Instead of sending mail manually the users can separate their contacts and make group which allows user to send email all at once to the respective ones.
  • The user will save time as well not be confused if the groups are created.

Here are the following steps to create a group in Bigpond mail.

  1. Login to user Bigpond email account: First of all the users must logged their valid Bigpond email account using their username and password
  2. Access the user contacts: After the login the users have to go to the option where they can access the contacts. This will be the platform where the users have to create and manage groups. 
  3. Creating a group: In the contacts search for an option to create a new group
  4. Naming the group: Name a group according to your preferences. The group name will be used when sending emails
  5. Adding contacts to the group: After the group is created the users can start adding contacts to the specific group. The user can select and add the contact from the existing list. Remember to save the changes after adding contacts to the specific group. After creating the group users can easily send emails to each one in the group by selecting the group name.

The steps which are mentioned above will help you to create the group in the Bigpond mail. The user who uses different email such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail or Apple Mail can contact the Bigpond Customer Care Number. We are here to help you and guide you.

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