How to find Telstra account number

Email is a medium that is used almost by everyone in the world. There might not be any such person who would not be familiar with email. Every other field of work is connected with email. Email service has made it very simple to make conversation and exchange information.If there are new users who have recently found about the email service and are looking to get started then choose Bigpond mail. It is one of the most used email services around the world which is operating from Australia. The email client software has users around the world due to the secure and simple nature of the software. One of the most important partsof using software is its user interface. If users find it easy to operate and use the software, then it can be said the software was well-built. If users have any questions regarding Telstra mail then please contact us at Customer Care Number.

Now since we came to know which email client is the best for us, is time for getting a bit deeper into Telstra mail. Telstra mail is telecommunication which has a very good reputation for its best service. To talk about various services which are available for users while operating Bigpond mail are creating a folder in their account, easily recover their email account password, nowadays, users can do it with just scanning pon their phone and verifying. The older days of heading to the sign-in page and clicking forgot password is over. Users can connect their other email account to Bigpond mail, it is a huge advantage to users where multiple accounts can be handled through a common point. Now there is much other information too which can be added, if users want to learn them then kindly remember us at Support Service.

We do offer our users the best customer care where the user would not have to face issues and problems with Bigpond mail.The service is very effective and users can get their solution in a very less amount of time. There was a case sometime ago, a user was not able to find their Telstra account number for somereason. If other users are also having such sort of problem then kindly follow the instruction given below.

  • The first user will have to open Telstra mail, then head to the login section.
  • Make sure to login into your account, and click on My Account.
  • There on the dashboard user will be able to locate a snapshot of the user’s account.
  • Then check on the top right corner of the window where the user will be able to see their Telstra account number.
  • If users have an additional account then users can switch from the drop-down menu.

If there are any other questions related to Telstra mail then kindly give us a ring at Technical Support Service.

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