How to Change Bigpond Email Server IMAP to POP

The best way to communicate with other people is through sending emails. It is the oldest way of exchanging information and is still being used. There is a reason for email still being used for so long and the simple reason is due to its simplicity. Email is one medium where there is no unnecessary feature added. People do think those features are fancy but genuine users don’t waste any time on such sort of social media. As we were talking email service, let us provide users with the best email client software which is popular these days. Bigpond mail is the best email client where the user will be able to find features that are useful for users. There are many such features that can come in very handy while completing the various task. Users will not have to download additional software in which will take space plus time. Learn more about Bigpond mail and the features available from Support Service Number.

Now we do know a bit intro about Bigpond mail, why not get a bit deeper into understanding the features which are provided by Bigpond mail. As mentioned earlier, Bigpond webmail is very easy to use due to its easy navigation design. The process for composing an email is easy, users can easily navigate their mail folders, if users have to change anything on their account then setup is also easily found. Next, we will be talking about the most used feature where users are able to connect their other email account to Bigpond mail. Before no one thought that this sort of feature would be available. Now since it is out, users are getting their accounts connected. If you want to learn all these sorts of features about Bigpond mail give us a ring at Customer Care Number.

We did learn about connecting another email account to Bigpond mail, and also we have mentioned that Bigpond can be operated by single-user as well as for corporate use. Now while using the email client there was an issue where users were not able to change their Bigpond email server IMAP to POP. If others are also getting stuck with the same step then follow the given instructions.

Users will have to make changes to the settings of their email application

  • Change the account type to POP3
  • Then in the incoming server address add
  • Incoming server port to 995 and encrypted connection to SSL
  • Change Outgoing server address to where the port should be 465.

After following the step-by-step instructions user will be able to change their Bigpond email server from IMAP to POP. If there are any other questions regarding Telstra mail then take out your phone and dial Technical Support.

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