How to Find Bigpond Email Password in Outlook Settings

Bigpond and outlook are two different popular companies. Bigpond is an Australian company where it provides internet facilities as well digital services on the other hand Outlook is a famous email client and personal information’s manager which is developed by outlook. The bigpond users are typically given Bigpond email address (e.g., that are hosted on Telstra’s email service where as Outlook users can sign up for (e.g., However Bigpond and outlook are not directly connected with each other but these two brands can be related in the content of email communication. To recover Bigpond email password in outlook settings, the user have to follow the some steps mentioned below:

  1.  Visit the Bigpond or Telstra password log in page: Firstly the users have to open the web browser and visit the official page of Bigpond or Telstra website. In the login in section you will see password reset or recovery option. The users have to click on “Forget password” or “Trouble signing in”.
  2. Enter the valid email address: After clicking on “Forget your password” or “Trouble signing in” the system will ask to enter Bigpond email address. Fill out the email address for password recovery.
  3. Identity verification: The next step is verification of your identity. The system of Telstra or Bigpond will verify the documents to make sure that the email address which the users have entered belongs to them only. The users verification process include personal information to confirm the identity, answer the secret questions, enter a verification code which will be sent to your mobile or recovery email address.
  4. Reset password: Once the system of Bigpond or Telstra confirms verifying the user identity, the user will be prompted to reset the password. The users have to create a new password and confirm it.
  5. Update outlook settings: After creating a new password the user have to open the outlook and follow these steps to update email settings:
    1. Go to “File” option in outlook
    1. Click on the “Account settings” button
    1. Select your Bigpond email account and click on “Change” button in the “Account settings” window.
    1. Update the password section with the new password.
    1. Click “Next” button and then “Finish” for saving the changes.
  6. Test or confirm your email: At last the users have to send a test mail or synchronize the mail box to confirm that the updated password is active or not.

Sometimes the steps mentioned above might not work due to change of version in Outlook. If you are finding difficulties in BigPond email password in outlook settings. I suggest you to take help from our customer care support. Our Bigpond Customer Support team will guide and assist you to resolve the issues.

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