How to Cancel Your BigPond Email Subscription

In bigpond email subscription, the user can get different services and facility such as the user can get a email account with an or email address, a certain storage will be there to store your messages and attachments, Virus protection software is available, To avoid unwanted or harmful email, spam filter is there to protect your inbox, the user can manage the bill as well as subscription through Telstra Bigpond account, the user can customize email settings where the user can forward email or set up as autoresponder, etc.

As of latest update to cancel your Bigpond email subscription the user should get in touch with our Bigpond customer support. One of our representatives will assist you and know you more about cancellation process. Here are some few tips which will help you to cancel your Bigpond email subscription:

  1. Visit Telstra website: Firstly the user have to open web browser on their device and then go to Telstra official website.
  2. Login process: In the Telstra official website there you can see login section where the users have to enter their valid email address in username and password. Check your username and password, sometimes a small mistakes such as Capitalization in letters, number and symbol can be error while login.
  3. Contact customer support: After log in the user have to search for a “Contact us” or “Support” section. In that section check out for customer support where it includes service for getting in touch with the representative of Telstra. It includes Phone number, email address or live chat options
  4. Get in touch with representative: The user have few options to get in touch with customer support. The best way to sort out your issues is through phone number where the representative will share your every information, if you can’t get connected then go for second option through phone or live chat options 
  5.  Follow their detailed instructions: The representative of Telstra customer care support will assist you through the cancellation procedure. The representative will ask your account details and explanation for cancellation of Bigpond email subscription so, be prepared to provide it.
  6. Confirm cancellation: Once the process of cancellation is done, you should get the information from the representative if your Bigpond email subscription is cancelled or not.
  7. Follow up: After confirming cancellation of your Bigpond email subscription with the representative double check your email account as well. It is done to be sure that the subscription is no longer active.  

By these following steps you can unsubscribe your Bigpond email. If this process is not working out then get connected to Bigpond Customer Care. They will give the latest information as well help you to resolve issues.

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