Do VPN Block Sending and Receiving Bigpond Mail

If the users are using VPN for Bigpond mail, it will not block the sending and receiving of emails. However, there are some factors that can impact email functionality when using a VPN. Those factors are mentioned below:

  • To avoid spam and phishing emails Bigpond mail can block the IP addresses that is associated with the VPN services. If the users VPN is using the IP address that is blacklisted, they will encounter issues with sending or receiving emails.
  • The users have to make sure that their email client is correctly setup with the correct SMTP (outgoing mail server) settings. VPN will cause problem with the SMTP servers if the email client is not set up accurately.
  • In terms of security measure, Bigpond technology observe and detect login attempts from unusual locations (Which happens when using a VPN). This will provoke the security warnings or temporary blocks.
  • Sometimes, the consolidation of a VPN and security software (firewall or antivirus software) can cause conflict which will affect email communication. The users have to confirm that their security software is correctly configured that will allow email to send and receive through the VPN.

Solution to resolve sending and receiving emails through VPN.

  • The users are required to check and confirm their email servers for Bigpond are whitelist in their VPN settings, as well as security software.
  • Ensure to use the email client settings correctly for Bigpond email. The users can use the following settings mentioned below:
  • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP): (Port:993 with SSL)
  • Incoming Mail Server (POP3): (Port:993 with SSL)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): (Port: 465 with SSL or Port 587 with TLS)
  • Username: The users have to enter their full Bigpond email address
  • Password: The users have to enter their Bigpond email password
  • If you have any doubt if the VPN is causing the issues, just disable the VPN temporarily and check if you are able to send or receive emails. If the issue is fixed, then the issue lies within the VPN settings:
  • Sometimes the users are not able to configure their VPN settings, in such case taking help from the VPN support team would be a beneficial factor. The tech expert from the VPN service provider will guide on how to configure the VPN to work with the email services.

In case if there is no support from the VPN support team, then you can directly call to Bigpond Customer Care. The experts of Bigpond are professional to resolve the fix the issues within the email as well as can properly configure the settings in VPN.

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