How to Export Bigpond Username to the Messaging Company

To export a Bigpond username to the messaging company involves configuration within the email client as well as correct settings for the Bigpond account. Here we mention important steps on how to export Bigpond username to the messaging company:

1) To export username to the messaging company firstly the customers have to open the web browser and visit the messaging company website.

2) The consumers have to look for the Sign up option which is located on the homepage of the Messaging Company.

3) The consumers are required to Sign up for an account on the Messaging Company using their Bigpond email address. The necessary information should be provided while registration for the account.

4) Remember to share the new username or contact information to the contacts about the migration to the Messaging Company.

5) The consumers have to check with the Messaging Company if it allows them to export important data from their Bigpond account. Contacts, chat history, or any other relevant details will be included.

6) If the consumer’s Bigpond username is linked to other email clients or services make sure to update those accounts with the new Messaging account information.

7) According to the consumers preference, adjust the notification settings on the new messaging platform.

8) After setting up the messaging app the consumers are required to verify their account is active. To make sure if the transitions are smooth the consumers have to test sending and receiving messages.

Important Note:

· Before making any changes remember to back up the important emails, contact, and other data from the Bigpond account.

· If the two factor authentication (2FA) is enabled for a Bigpond account the consumers should be prepared to follow any additional steps required to authenticate the email client.

Remember that the steps listed above can vary based on the documentation provided by Bigpond and The Messaging Company. If the above steps won’t work then consider getting in touch with Bigpond customer care or Bigpond tech service. They will provide the accurate information and if there are any specific tools for exporting Bigpond username to the messaging company it will be outlined in the documentation or support resources.

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