Issues with Bigpond “Email Connection Doctor” error

If the users are facing an “Email Connection Doctor” error with their Bigpond (Telstra Mail) account then it may involve issues with the email configuration or connectivity. To troubleshoot and resolve the issues here we mention some guidelines to be followed:

1)    The users are required to check their internet connection is working in good condition. If the internet connection is poor then it may result in issues while sending or receiving email.

2)    Make sure to double check the email account settings in the email app. The users have to confirm that they have entered the correct email address, password and server settings. The configurations for incoming and outgoing server are as follows:

·         For incoming server (IMAP) the users have to use (port 993 with SSL/TLS)

·         For incoming server (POP3) the users have to use (port 995 with SSL/TLS)

·         Outgoing server (SMTP) the users are required to use (port 587 with STARTTLS)

3)    The users have to check for available updates and confirm that the email app is up to date. For updates the users can check within the app stores (Google Play Store for android users and App Store for iOS users).

4)    Sometimes the store data can trigger the issues within the email connection so the users have to clear cache and data of their email app. Remember this action will remove stored emails, so make sure to back up if needed in future.

5)    If there is an issue within the device’s system or network connection the users can resolve it by restarting their smartphone or tablet. This process will help the user’s device to refresh the system.

6)    If there are any service disruption then the users are required to visit the Telstra status page to check for any outages issues within Telstra Mail.

7)    Using VPN or Proxy can interfere with the email connection so the users are required to disable it temporarily and check if the issue is resolved.

8)    For Better compatibility and support the users have to check and consider using the official Telstra app.  

9)    If the email box is full then it might trigger connection issues. Make sure that the email account storage quota is not exceeded.   

By these following steps the users can resolve issues with Bigpond “Email Connection Doctor” error. If the problems still persist, consider getting in touch with Bigpond Customer Care. They will provide accurate information and guide through all the problems that are affecting Bigpond email accounts.

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