Bigpond email gets deleted after configuration in outlook while logging out in the Bigpond website

Bigpond email is not just small email client software that has limited functionality and features. With Bigpond, email service users can extend the email service from single user to multi-corporate level. Bigpond email as all the necessary functionality to make the softwareadvanced. If users are looking for such secure email client software then Bigpond is the one for users. The system is built in a very user-friendly way, the companyunderstands how the user gets confused with the email software interface. Bigpond is minimal, easy to understand and new users can get along with the software in no time. If there is a case where a user requires support for operating Bigpond email then don’tworry, the company comes withan official Support Service, where the user can connect with one of our expertsand take necessary help.

Let’s get into creating an account on Bigpond email, the process is very simple. Users can take it as filling a form to get their identity card. In the digital medium,there are a few new steps added but users will be clear about it once they learn about the process. The beginning step is to head to, which users can do by opening their browser. Then look around the website and click on Sign up, it is the section where users can create a new account. Users will have to fill out the form which is given on the page and then follow the on-screen instructions. Once the user completes the process, then the email account will be created. After the process user will be provided with an email address and password which will be required when signing in. If there was any sort of issue or problem while creating the Bigpond email account then connect with Customer Care.

Now we will be checking on some other situations which might occur while using Bigpond email. There has been a complaint made where the Bigpond email gets deleted after configuring its settings on Outlook. And the emails are often found deleted when the user tries to log out from the Bigpond email account. Due to the problem, many users have faced such issues with Bigpond email. Now if other users are also having the same problem then check the given information. In these kinds of situations,the main thing which occurs with Bigpond is with its settings. In Bigpond, there is a setting on the POP account in which, ‘delete the copy from the server when deleted from Deleted items’ is enabled. Now if users want to get their email back then the settings should be turned off.The user will manually have to change the setting which will then leave a copy on the server. After making changes, even if the emails were deleted from the trash, it will not remove or delete the entire email stored in Inbox. For more on Bigpond’s email kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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