Bigpond Unable to Receive Hotmail Emails

When we talk about telecommunication companies, the first thing which hits our mind is the TelstraCorporation. It is one of the leading and growing organizations which has been providing with best services to users. And not after long, there was a new service initiated by Telstra which was called the Bigpond webmail service. By the name, users may have figured out what was the service for. Yes, it is an email service that is operated in Australia. It is one of the most loved and used email client services all over the world. Users sure have enjoyed the service due to which the number of users is growing day by day. Now there may be a question about security for Bigpond mail, well after creating your first account, there will be no such question or confusion about Bigpond mail. There are many useful things that can be helpful for the user to get started with Bigpond mail. To get that information for free, users can give us a ring at Support Service.

After the introduction for Bigpond mail, now let’s head into looking at different features offered by Bigpond mail. With Bigpond mail now users can add another email account into Bigpond’s email account. The feature is very useful where users can manage their emails, users can save space on their device, and while logging in, users can simplyaccess multiple accounts from a single point. Next is adding a signature to your email. If we are running an organization then, it is more formal to add the signature of the CEO or company which will be a plus point for the company. Then talking about other features, Bigpond provides the user with cloud storage where certain Gb of data can be stored and it is for free. If users want to expand their storage capacity, then contact Customer Service for further steps.

After talking about some of the features offered by Bigpond mail, we will be looking at some of the problems which might occur while using Bigpond mail. Bigpond is a genuine email client software but there could be instances where the system settings and functionality could be changed. And these changes are done or happen if users have done some update on their email account. We will be talking about some of the most faced issues in Bigpond mail. As we mentioned the feature for connecting another email account Bigpond mail, while using such feature sometimes the emails could not be received on users Inbox. In such a situation users can follow the given steps.

  • Check on the server settings, if any changes have been made or updated then the connection will not be established.
  • If the internet is not working or limited then the email service will not function.
  • The next possible reason could be due to mistyping the wrong email address, keep in mind that the upper case and lower case letters should also be checked.

If there are any other questions for Bigpond mail, give us a call at Technical Support.

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