Bigpond Server Refused by Thunderbird Blacklisted Coming

Thunderbird is a known email client having a relation with Bigpond or Telstra email accounts. If the user are having a problem or encounter a situation where Bigpond email ser is refusing or blacklisted in Thunderbird then its is because of some errors related to email authentication, settings or server’s problem. Here are some of the following steps which will help you to sort out the issues.

  1. Checking the email settings

Firstly the users check if the username and password is correct or not. Check the valid email account settings in Thunderbird whether it’s correctly configured or not. Make sure that the correct incoming and outgoing server information, security settings and port numbers are entered correctly.

  • Whitelist Bigpond/Telstra Mail:

Frequently the email servers are flagged as spam or blacklisted mistakenly. Analyze if Thunderbird or any security software is flagging or blocking emails from BigPond or Telstra as a spam. The users can whitelist the domain to make sure that the emails from that origin are not treated as spam.

  •   Security Software and Firewall:

The users have to make sure that firewall or security software is not drawing back Thunderbird from accessing the BigPond or Telstra mail server. To allow the Thunderbird’s traffic the user must configure the security software.

  • Checking the Blacklist status:

If the problems remain the same as it is the user can take help from online tools or service to check if the Bigpond or Telstra mail service IP address is blacklisted. There are lots of websites providing the service where the user can check IP blacklist. If the user finds the server’s IP address is on a blacklist then contact Telestra support to sort out the issues.

  •  Using webmail:

If the users are having continues issues with Thunderbird then the user have to use the webmail interface which is provided by the Telstra mail to access the email. It can be a limited time period walkaround while troubleshooting the thunderbird issues.

If the above steps are not useful and continue having bad experience with the Bigpond or Telstra mail server being refused or blacklisted. The best way to deal with it is to contact with our technical support. Our Bigpond Customer Care Number will guide the user and resolves these issues, as we can provide the most accurate assistance.

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