How to add another mailbox to the Telstra account?

Over the years emailing service has been one of the most used services for communication.Electronic mail is safe, secure, standard and the best part, there is no such character, word, or time limit attached to it. With email service now users can easily send large files, the user will have to send as an attachment or can be easily sent through cloud storage. The user will simply have to provide access to the receiver account holder. One of the oldest and most used email services is Telstra mail. Telstra or Bigpond mail provides high security, various client service, and excellent Customer Service.

In the current update, many users were connected to the service center and were keen to learn the ways how they could add another mailbox to the Telstra account.

Adding another mailbox to Telstra Account

Users who are qualified can request the Telstra email and mailbox.Telstra allows users with adding up to 14 mailboxes attached to their account. And in those mailboxes, different email addresses could be added. In addition, Telstra mail service provides 10GB of storage capacity for users on their mailboxes.

Adding mailbox

  • Begin the process by signing into My Telstra. Enter user’s Telstra ID.
  • The home page will be loaded, the user will have to select the profile icon located at the top of the page. In casethe user has more than one account, the user will have to choose a relevant account from the blue bar. It’s best to have a primary Telstra account which will be attached to the account.
  • Then click on Manage mailboxes from the menu on the left side. The account which users select must have an existing mailbox.
  • Click on Manage mailboxes right next to the existing mailbox.
  • After the process, a new screen will be opened right next to the mailbox. Then select Add Mailbox.
  • The user will have to enter a new username. After initiating the username, Check to confirm its availability.
  • After the username is verified, the user will have to set the password. The new password should meet the requirement as asked.
  • After completing the process, click on Confirm.
  • It will take around 30 minutes to setup users’ new mailbox.

For additional information, users must keep in mind if a user has closed their mailbox in the last 6 months and if the user is active on Telstra mail the mailbox can be re-opened, support service will provide all the necessary steps to do so. Follow the steps as given in the points above, if there is any confusion or issues with completing the steps then reach out to the Telstra Technical Support Service.

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