Can receive BigPond email in account login but not receiving in outlook

There are many email services offered by various telecommunication companies. It is sure hard to find which service would provide the best and successfully fulfilled the requirements. There is an email service that has been long known. Telstra email is one of the email service providers which has the best system for using email services, and one of the most important part to cover is the security of the system. No user would want a hacker to get inside their account and steal the information. Telstra mail has the perfect system which will detect and block any kind of threat.To know more about these sorts of online threats, reach out to the Support Center for more detailed information.

Talking about the new features, Telstra or the Bigpond mail service allows users to connect their existing Bigpond Mail account to Outlook mail service. With the help of connecting accounts, users will be able to access both their accounts from a single point.And the connection can also be made with a secondary email too. Users do have responsibilities due to which they must acquire various accounts to manage their works. The feature was used by a numerous number of users, and in the past few weeks, there was some issue with using the service. If users find themself in these situations and don’t have any idea what to do further, Telstra offers reliable Customer Support to help users solve their problems.

In this case, it has been seen that receiving email in the account login for Bigpond is working but when the mail is sent to the connected Outlook account, users are not able to receive the email. These are issues that are normally faced by connecting accounts. If users have certain information about the working of connected accounts, users can fix the issue in no time. In the points given below, check out the information for the issue.

  • The first thing to check in the device is the internet, almost every time this issue occurs, the main reason is due to the internet connection.There are instances when the internet is causing lag, and some of the application does supports internet while others don’t.
  • If users are checking their email from the mail client, in that case,the user can check on the update of their application. The older version will not fully function due to which emails can be interrupted and can is received.
  • Next thing for users to check on their security settings. Users can take Technical Suppor to check on the system. If there are any settings made for antivirus or firewall for receiving the mail, then users will not be able to receive any emails.

Once users have an idea about what are the factors due to which the issues have been occurring, solving not received emails will no longer be a problem. For further assistance kindly connect with the Bigpond Helpdesk Support Number.

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