How to use Telstra email Overseas?

If we are looking at an emailing site that works accurately and has genuine Customer Service, then the first name which comes is the Telstra email. The email service is easy to get started with and new users will have not have a hard time using the service. From the very old time, email has been a classic and standard way of exchanging messages. There are many such emailing services in the market but there are many cases where the app does not work efficiently as expected. Telstra is one of the mail services that have maintained with best features and most importantly has the best customer service.Telstra in the earlier version was called the Bigpond mail.

As the email system evolved around the year, now the Service is not just used for sending emails. There are various new features which have been added to the service. Now users are able to send attachments that do contain images, video, and link files. After cloud storage was introduced, email service has taken a new turn. The advantage was stretched with new features added. One of the features added was using Telstra email overseas. Many users have requested Technical Support to provide the steps for making changes.Let’s look at the steps for making changes.

Steps for using Telstra email overseas

Under WI-FI connection

  • User can access their Telstra email with the help of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and can be accessed by any computer or smartphone. Users must make sure to have a proper connection to Wi-Fi connection. While users are traveling abroad many places such as café, hotels, retro does offer free Wi-Fi.
  • Users will have to log into their Telstra account using their full email address and password.
  • In case of users have forgotten their password, resetting can solve the problem. If additional support is required, technical support is available.

Under International Roaming

  • Users who are traveling abroad and are trying to use their Telstra email which has its account connected to a smartphone or tablet, and the place you are staying has no internet or Wi-Fi connection. In such conditions,the user will have to setup International Roaming on their device. The process should be done before traveling. Once the Roaming is set, users can easily check their email on their devices while using the local network overseas.
  • Users can keep in mind that the International Roaming is free to use. Telstra does offer free service. In case the user’s device is on a plan then find more about the rate by connecting to the Support Service. There are various Pre-paid rates.

For additional information about Telstra, mail users can head to the Bigpond Customer Care Number and get the information in detail.

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  1. Sue Langham

    I am overseas and my email has stopped this morning. ” Correct credentials needed” I’ve tried with passwords buts it’s not working.It’s essential for our travel confirmations to have it working. Can you please email the below email with help to fix. My email is Regards


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