How to Access Telstra (Bigpond) Email on Bowser?

Email account is one of the best modes of communication because it is secure and there is no character, word or time limit to it. Moreover, you can share large files with the help of the email account as attachment or simply through the cloud storage allotted with your account. To make the most of the email facilities, you should choose the email account service provider carefully. One of the best email service providers for MAC OS is the Bigpond email service which have been around for many years. With high security features, numerous clients and good professional customer care solution, the Bigpond or Telstra email account have everything that a client can ask for. It also has a separate application to run and does not require the browser. But you can also run it in the browser if you want to provided you know the right steps for the purpose. The following are the steps which you must follow to access the Telstra or Bigpond email account from the browser:

  • Make sure your device has any one of the following- internet explorer 10, 11 and above or Firefox 31, chrome 36 or above, safari 6.1 and 7.0 or above.
  • In case you do not have any of these browsers or using an older version of the browser, then you must update it or install the latest version.
  • In case you are unable to upgrade the browser, you can access Telstra using the browser of your mobile phone.
  • Another good way to manage Telstra email account is through the email software on your desktop device.
  • In case the update has been done successfully, you can easily open the email account on the latest browsers. However, do remember that it is best to open the Telstra email account on your Bigpond application to enjoy utmost security and the variety of features related to it.
  • However, many users have storage trouble on the device and have to delete the application and in such situation, accessing the software from your browser is a very useful way of enjoying its features without adding excess load on your device.
  • The browser must have the latest features in order to smoothly run this email account. In case there is any trouble with the login and using of the email account, you must get in touch with the Telstra customer care phone number which is available all the time.

Some of the problems related to the browser that users often complain about are unable to open the software on your browser or having trouble with the email account due to incompatibility. All such troubles can be addressed from the contact us section of the software. You can also get in touch with the Bigpond Customer Care Number which is available all the time and the experts will be able to solve the trouble on the go for you. Feel free to seek help from the experts so that the issues are sorted in minimum possible time.

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