Can’t Send or Receive Emails on Telstra Mail

Telstra Mail, formerly known as BigPond, is an excellent email platform for those who are seeking secured email service. This email client is popular in many places around the world.  A large number of users trust the service for its seamlessness and cutting edge features. Overall, the interface of the email service is user-friendly. There are a lot of features to customize or personalize the emails. Though people prefer using this email service for its seamlessness, users may encounter some technical issues at times. For example, you may find that you cannot send or receive an email. What causes such errors? How to resolve these issues? You can find the answers to these questions below.

Cause: Internet Connection Problem

You may encounter error in sending or receiving emails on your Telstra Mail account, when there is an internet connection error.

Solution: The solution to this problem is to repair the internet connection error. You need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to resolve the issue. However, before calling the ISP, you can check a few things by your own. Make sure that modem is turned on. Also, check the internet connection status on your computer. Firewall should also remain turned off. If all these things are checked and still there is no internet connection, you need to call the internet service provider. Once internet connection problem is resolved, you shall be able to send and receive emails.

Cause: Email Service Down Due to Maintenance

Every email service provider has to undergo scheduled server maintenance task. During the server maintenance, the websites become inaccessible. The same thing can happen with Telstra Mail. Due to server maintenance, you cannot send or receive an email.

Solution: There is no solution for such problem. Server down due to maintenance is a temporary thing. Telstra Mail is committed to provide uninterrupted services to its users. Hence, issues with the data server are not frequently. Whenever such issues occur, you need to show a little patience. Wait for a few hours, and you shall find that server down due to maintenance issue disappears. If you needed, you can lodge an official compliant to the customer care of Telstra Mail.

Cause: No Space Left

Every email account comes with limited provision of using space. There is a space limit, and exceeding that limit will cause errors in sending and receiving emails. This is not a common thing for Telstra Mail users. But, it can technically happen in some cases.

Solution: The solution of this problem is to free up some space in your email account. You need to delete a few emails that are no necessary. This will give you some free space. As a result, you shall start receiving the emails once again. Cleaning the junk emails on regular basis is essential. Moreover, you should also check the trash emails. Clean up trash folder to free up some space for your email account.

So, these are some problems and solutions for email sending or receiving error. There could be many other reasons behind such error with the Telstra Mail email account.

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