How to forward Telstra (Bigpond) Emails to Another Account?

There are so many different modes of communication available today that we often neglect basic options like emailing. However, when it comes to formal communication or communicating large messages, an email is the best way to do so. It is cheap, there is no time or word limit and it’s instant. Moreover, there are several different security features of the email id which make sure your confidential communication are secure. To make the most of an email id, it is very necessary to choose a reliable email service provider. Especially if you have corporate communications to make, the email id is your identity in many case. This calls for choosing an email service like bigpond to make an impression and keep all your information secured. Noted as one of the best email service provider, the bigpond email service is available all over the world and feature packed.

However, many users who are new to the interface have basic queries like how to forward the bigpond email to another account and we are going to share the steps related to that:

  • First you have to log in to the webmail.
  • Go to the settings menu denoted by the cog symbol
  • Select the option of mail and then select auto-forward option
  • Tick the enable auto-forward checkbox after you select the option
  • Make sure you enter the correct email address entirely in the designated place as the destination field. If there are several different email addresses, separate them with commas.
  • The option keep a copy in your inbox will be checked by default. If you do not need to keep copies, you can uncheck the option.
  • Save the changes before you go out the email settings.
  • Make sure the steps are followed carefully so that the execution is done correctly.

For a number of users who are new to the interface, the procedure is not as easy and if there is any mistake, the functions will not be executed correctly. One can avoid the problem by cross checking the settings before saving it. While you can edit and change it and correct it anytime, it is best to check the settings in the first step to avoid any major trouble.

Another way to make sure the forward is done every time accurately is by ensuring a steady network connection. Moreover, if there is any server error in the other email addresses, the function may get disrupted. In such situation, the best thing to do is contact the Bigpond Customer Service Number of Telstra and they will sort the trouble for you. Once you explain the Telstra customer care number, they will share the steps to correct it. If the issue is with the other email accounts’ server, then you have to contact the respective customer service.

These services and numbers are available round the clock and you can always solve the trouble in minimum possible time. Make sure the issue is quickly solved so that your work does not get disrupted under any circumstances.

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