How setup Telstra( in the windows mail app?

Using email service is one of the best and substantial approaches for business correspondence in which the result is fast, diffident, and effectively derivative. With the proper use of email service, it can make a huge profit on organizations with its profitable and viable method. And selecting a genuine web service is very vital, there are many email service which provides the service but are not much genuine when compared with Telstra mail. In the older version, we know it by the name Big Pond mail, later then the name was updated. With the new upcoming features, users can get more from Telstra mail, one of the most used and requested features by users was to setup their Telstra mail in Windows mail app. Let’s see what steps should be followed to make such changes. There also Technical Support segregated for users.

Steps to setup Telstra Mail on Windows Mail App

The given steps will add users’ Telstra Mail email to Windows 10 program. By the steps,the user will also be able to modify their email. The steps will contain all of the advanced server details required for users. For more details or advanced servers, users can find Support from Customer Care.

Before getting started

Make sure you have the correct Telstra Email account and password. If users are not sure about their accounts credentials then head to the official site for Telstra and click on the link which says, Forgotten Something? Retrieve your email address or password here.Support Service can help further for resetting password.

Users must keep in mind that the system may incur charges for data while working with the setup.

Add Telstra email to Windows 10 Mail

  • First, turn on your computer and open Windows Mail.
  • Locate and click on settings that have a cog symbol.
  • Their user will be able to find the Manage Accounts section. Click on Add Account.
  • Next select on the Other account, POP, IMAP.
  • The user will have to sign in where the email address and password should be entered.
  • Once the process is completed the setup is completed. Click on done.

      Modifying Email account settings

  • The user will have to load Windows mail and head to settings.
  • Click on Manage accounts, select the account which the user is willing to edit/modify.
  • Head to Change mailbox sync settings, in the section user, can update their syncing options.
  • Next head to Advanced mailbox settings.
  • Then the user can update their server settings.
  • Once the modification is complete, select Done.

After following the given steps, the user will successfully connect their Telstra mail to the Windows Mail App. Now users can access their Telstra mail through the Windows app. While completing the process if users went into any sort of issue or problem, there is a Bigpond Technical Support Service available for users, as Telstra has been onto providing genuine support for users. Customers can simply contact and get a further explanation for the procedure.

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