How do I set up Web Accessibility and Screen Reader Functionality for Telstra Mail®?

When we hear about Telstra or Bigpond services, it is not just limited to telecommunication services, Telstra also provides with best Bigpond email client services. It has been a long time since Telstra has started its service and users have appreciated the outcomes of Bigpond email. We all know that email is the most common and most used medium due to its simple and easy-to-use nature. Due to which in every field of work or study, email is preferred over other fancy mediums. And after getting started with Bigpond email users will not want to use other email client services for sure. Now after getting the basic intro users would want to get started with the service, the process is very simple. Users will have to open and then heading to sign up will instruct users what is required to be done for creating an account. In case the user requires support, necessary details will be provided from Customer Care.

There are a few things that users will have to keep in mind about Bigpond’s email. Once the account is created it is the responsibility of users to keep their account safe. It does not mean that Bigpond has any issues with the security, but as the account can be accessed with the user’s password, the user will have to keep their password safe. It’s best not to share a password with anyone, it is also suggested that user must change their password at regular intervals of days. In the following way, the account’s password remains strong and unbreakable. If there is any case where users cannot access their email account or if the email account has been compromised, in such case users can take help from the Support Service.

Now Bigpond comes in with a new advanced feature where users can setup a web accessibility feature on their Bigpond account. For those who are not familiar with web accessibility terms, it is a service or feature which is designed for people who have disabilities. With the feature users with disabilities will be able to access email services.  Not only that, but Bigpond also comes in with another feature in which setting up screen reader functionality can be used. So, without wasting any of the time, let’s head into learning the steps for setting up web accessibility and screen reader functionality. Kindly follow the steps given below.

Setup for Android

  • Users will have to open Settings
  • Tap on accessibility and move ahead to Talk back.
  • Then the user will have to turn on the button for Talk back.
  • After completing the process tap on Ok.

After getting the steps done, the user will be able to setup web accessibility and screen reader functionality.  If there are further questions for Bigpond then kindly reach out to Technical Support.

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