Can I keep my Telstra email address if I close my Telstra account?

Telstra is a company that serves users with the best telecommunication services. And not only had thatwithin sometime Telstra also introduced a new service where users can send emails from one device to another. Being telecommunication, Telstra has developed email client software that works at its best. The email client software is specially designed for users, to enhance their email experience. We do have experienced that not all users find it easy to operate email software. They often mentioned that it is confusing and the layout or design is very complex. Keeping all these requirements in mind, the developers have come with the software where nothing is the same as the user thought about other email client software. Telstra email comes with the best infrastructure and design for users. With the easy navigation, anything which is required to be done, users can find the way to make changes.If there are any questions for Telstra email then don’t hesitate to give us a ring at Customer Care.

With the following brief introduction for Telstra email, now it’s time to move forward and learn how to get started with Telstra email. Well, there is no such hard process to create an account for Telstra mail.The first user will have to head to the official site for Telstra, once the website loads there will be several services visible on the screen. Don’t get confused, those are other services offered by Telstra. Users must simply click on the Signup link at the top of the page. Then the signup page will be opened where the user will have to fillup the form to complete the signup process. There will be instructions provided to the user about what is required to fill and what next process should be done. After completing the process the email account will be activated.If there is any confusion regarding creating an account on Telstra Mail then please report the case to Technical Support.

The part for creating an account has been completed; now let’s move into the part which might be a bit different topic about email for users. Once the email account is created, users may have a situation where the email service may not be required for use, or the email address may not be used for a long time. And also there could be a case where the user may want to keep their email address after the account has been canceled or closed. So in these sorts of cases, we would want to make it clear that once the Telstra email is created, the email account will be stable and can be used for a year for free and after that, if the user doesn’t use the email service or have not paid for the new session then the email address will not be valid. Users will have to re-open their account; only then the email could be used. This sort of information is also hard to find on the web, don’t worry if there is any such sort of questions then give us a call at Support Service.

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