Bigpond Inbox Got empty after Logout

Bigpond email services are very famous among users, the software is very efficient for handling emails,and with that users can also use amazing features are provided by Bigpond email. Bigpond is a service which is handled by Telstra Company which is a leading telecommunication company is running its service from Australia. With Telstra, users will be able to use various services such as broadband connection, 5G networks, and more. And with Bigpond’s email account users will be able to process with all the servicesavailable on Telstra. Email is something that we all require in our daily lives, so why not choose better email client software which will help users to enhance their skills. There are many interesting which we can learn from Bigpond email. Interested users can connect with Support Servicesto get information.

After using email services, we as a user must be prepared for issues. These issues are not caused due to faulty development of software but it is caused due to some changes that occurred in the user’s account. Let’s look atthe case where users found their account’s inbox empty after logging out. It is a very strange case which users might think but it is a normal case with an email account. If users find their email account empty then there is a high chance that no data is stored in the Bigpond email server. In the following case, it is seen that the emails got deleted which is accessed by the email account, for example, cell phone or computer device. Now looking at the main reason why the email got deleted, it is caused due to POP account settings. If users want to learn more on POP then connect with Customer Support.

Now we have a clear idea about how the emails were deleted. The main reason is due to POP settings after the user makes changes to the POP settings then the emails will stop deleting on the user’s email account. Now what can be done to retrieve the deleted emails, the following process is a way by which we can retrieve the emails but it may not work for all the users. The process which we are going to follow is checking on the trash folder if the emails are saved on it. If the emails are found then by restoring the emails users can retrieve their email. Check on the points below to learn how to restore deleted emails.

  • Head to and open the sign-in page
  • Users will have to sign in to their email account
  • After opening the user’s account, head to the Inbox section and scroll down to locate the Trash folder.
  • Double-click and open the folder.
  • Check if there are any emails stored in the Trash folder.
  • If yes then click on the required email and then click restore.

If there are any further questions for Bigpond email then contact us at Technical Support.

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