How do I set up my Telstra Mail® on Windows Vista Mail?

Telstra or Bigpond mail is one of the biggest telecommunication companies which provides with best internet connection as well as email client service. The main objective of Telstra mail was to provide users with the best and reliable email service. Email is a very vital source of communication these days, in every work of field email is used to communicate effectively. To make your email experience more better Telstra comes in with various features and facilities. There are many such useful features that can be used for free, with the help of additional featuresusers can manage their email more effectively. It is very necessary to check on the features offered by email clients because not every other email client offers as we receive from Telstra mail. If users are interested in learning about the features offered by Telstra mail, kindly give us a ring at our Support Service. The expert will provide all necessary details about Bigpond Mail.

Getting a brief introduction about Bigpond mail, we all sure are excited about getting started with the Telstra mail services. Talking about the most used and most appreciated service of Telstra mail. Now users have the power of adding their other email account to Telstra mail. The system was specially built to provide maximum benefit for users. It sure is a hassle for creating multiple accounts and working on them. Users will have to allocate separate space and time for managing the accounts. With Telstra mail, users can connect multiple email account and access all of them from a single source. If users are interested in learning about how to use the feature for connecting multiple accounts can take support from Customer Care.

As we mentioned about connecting accounts to Bigpond mail, the email client also offers the service for connecting their account to Windows Vista Mail. Windows also offer the best email client service where users can easily add their Bigpond mail. Many users were not sure about how to setup their accounts on Windows Vista Mail. Below we have provided detailed steps for setting up their Telstra mail account. Follow the steps as suggested.

Add Telstra mail to Windows Vista Mail

  • First open Windows Vista Mail.
  • Then click on Tools and select Account. Next, click on Add then the user can enter or select their email address.
  • Users will then have to add their email credentials for Bigpond mail.
  • Then make changes in the server settings.
  • Users will be redirected to the Internet Accounts page.
  • Once the process is complete users’ emails will be added.

After completing the process user’s email address will be added. If users have any confusion or problem following the steps then contact Technical Support.

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