Bigpond keeps asking for a password and will not send emails

We are usually looking for something common, simple, and easy to use. No one would prefer a hard, challenging application for them to use. The same also goes for emailing client software. The use of email service has been rapidly growing over the years, now most of the things are managed by email service, when you are connecting any sort of application to the account, or if there is any purchase to be made. The main point has been focused onemail service. So users need to select the appropriate email service. Office, schools, government organizations, all they are dependent on Email service, to make the experience fruitful, we would like to introduce the Bigpond email client. The email service is available for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, IOS, Android. Any user can operate with Bigpond mail. These are just the beginning introduction for Bigpond mail, there are more interesting and useful features. If you are looking forward tousing Bigpond mail and require help contact Support Service.

It is a time where we will be discussing some features offered by Bigpond mail, users may have heard about two-factor authentication. It is a process that will help to keep your account safe. If there is only a single way of logging in to your system, then hackers could find a way to steal the account. But if the account has been set to multiple authentication modes, the user will have to login through different mediums to access the account. The following process will surely have a huge impact on securing one’s email account. If users are also looking for such security measures for their account, then kindly reach out to our Customer Care Number on how to activate two-factor authentication.

Apart from its genuine features offered by Bigpond mail, there is also a situation where the email client doesn’t respond correctly. There are no such major issues reported to date but due to some changes made by users, there are some minor issues thatare caused bythe Bigpond mail account. There was a case where users were often asked for a password to be entered, the system would log out automatically and the email is also not being able to send. These sorts of issues are often experienced by using Bigpond mail. We would like to provide some solutions and information about the issue.

  • Make sure the internet is working correctly.
  • If the browser is not supported or not updated to the latest version.
  • Make sure the date and time are set correctly on the device.
  • If the account has dues left to be paid such a situation may occur.
  • If the account’s password was not changed successfully or correctly.

If the problem remains the same then kindly contact Bigpond Technical Support and report your issue.

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