Bigpond Send Email isn’t Appearing in the Sent folder?

Electronic mail which is known as Email is one of the oldest systems which was built for sending and receiving messages. If users have a computer device and a connection to the internet then email can be accessed easily. If we talk about the older version, users were only limited to sending emails from their email account. And if we look at the email client services, now there are loads more features added to it, if users check the user interface for Bigpond mail the difference can be spotted. The reason for most of the users still using email service is due to its efficiency and simple nature. The software is not that fancy which might make users confuse about how to use it. The process for delivering email is very easy, the user must simply create their new email account first, and then just by clicking at new mail users can add receivers’ email addresses, and add the message then send it. If users are interested in getting started with Bigpond mail, kindly reach out to the Customer Care Number.

As we mentioned how easy it is to send emails from a user’s respective email account, we will be giving users instructions for creating their first email address. New users can take the process as filling an identity card. The process here will be done digitally, users will have to head to their browser and enter Telstra’s official website. After the website loads, users can check the information given about Bigpond mail. Once the user is ready, click on the signup link on the top side of the website. Then a form will be provided where users will have to fill out their detail. There will be some authentication testing process, the process is easy users can simply check on the given instructions for it. If there is any confusion in the process for creating a Bigpond email account then contact us at Technical Support.

After using the email service for sometime, users will get to learn many things about the email client. In those learning, some of them would be how to use the system better and the next thing would be to solve the problem that occurred in the email client. So to learn and solve some of the issues that occurred in Bigpond follow the article till the end. Most of the time we often find that the emails which we have sent cannot be found in the Sent folder. Users often complain that they could not find the email sent. So in these sorts of situations, there is a couple of reason behind it, check out the points given below to find out your reason.

  • Check on the internet connection if it is active or not.
  • If the sender’s email address is not entered correctly, the emails will not be found.
  • If the receiver’s email address is blocked or suspended the emails will not be found in the Sent folder.

If there are any other such problems related to Bigpond mail kindly report the situation to the Support Service.

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