How can I block Spam on my Telstra email?

These days if someone asks which is the most used medium for making the interaction between users then the most certain answer is email service. Email is a very old service that has been used asan easy way of transferring messages. The software is simple to use where we don’t have to learn some special skills to use email service. We know email is the most simple and easy way to communicate but we also should understand to pick genuineemail client software to operate its service. Not all email client software will provide genuine service; we suggest users experience Telstra email service. It is one of the best and leading companies which is situated in Australia. The email client software is specially designed to provide robust service for the user. If users want to know more about Telstra email then kindly get in touch with our Support Service Number. All steps and instructions will be provided to the user about the Telstra email.

We just looked at the basic introduction for the Telstra email, it’s time to get more bit information about the Telstra email. Users may be thinking the main functionality of email software is to transfer and receive emails. So what else could be there which more to share with users is.Well, we could say these lines in the older versions, now things have changed and many things have been added to the email software. And this feature will help users to operate Telstra email efficiently. We should always understand that there is always a room where things could be used more efficiently, the same goes for the Telstra email features. With their loads of free features offered to users, interested users can check or connect with Customer Care and learn how to use the feature.

In the following section, we will be looking at the process to make some changes in the features offered by Telstra email. As we mentioned there are many features offered for users and the following feature is featured for spam email. As the email service has grown over the years, other stuff has been added to it. Spam emails are understood as an unsolicited bulk email which does not have valuable permission to be sent. It is best to block this sort of email. With Telstra email, users can easily block these sorts of emails. The steps are given in the points mentioned below.

  • Users will have to head to settings on their Telstra email account.
  • Head to mail on the             left portion of the menu
  • Then the user can select blocked senders on the sub-menu.
  • Users can type in the email address and block the spam emails.

If users require support for using any other feature offered by Telstra email then kindly give us a ring at the official Bigpond Technical Support Number.

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