Can I Block Someone on Bigpond’s Email?

One of the most classic ways of delivering messages to another person is through email services, it was the oldest method for delivering messages and still, it is the most used medium for delivering messages. If we look at the reason why people still use the service then there is a clear pattern that shows email is very simple and easy to use the software in which there is no extra fancy functionthat might confuse users minds. And once the user is confused then they will not look forward to using such software. We suggest users check the feature and service offered by Bigpond email. Bigpond email service is one of the leading organizations which have been providing genuine service to users. Not only that, Bigpond email client software is designed in a way where all the systems and features are arranged in such a way that any sort of new user will not have any problem getting started with the email software. But if there is any confusion with Bigpond then users can take advantage of our Support Service helpline number.

It is very necessary to know about the software before getting started with it, now users will have a clear idea about what the Bigpond email service is. After that now it is time to learn some more about Bigpond email. Sending and receiving emails is the basic part of using email service which we will not discuss in detail. Well as the email service has developed so much, there are other features too which have been introduced to email service. We all know since the email service is public which means that everyone can create an account and start sending emails to other users. With the following,there is also a chance that a person would not want to receive any messages or emails from a particular email account holder. Now in such a case in the early version of email software, there was no such feature to block the user. Since now the requirement is a must, Bigpond has introduced a feature that will allow them to block users’ email. To learn more on the feature kindly contact to Customer Care.

The following feature for Bigpond webmail which enables users to block a certain email account will surely help users to stop receiving emails. So if some user had a question about, “Can I block a user in Bigpond email?” then the answer is yes. Moving forward, we will also be providing the user with the process of how can they block email in Bigpond email? The necessary process for blocking any user in Bigpond is mentioned in the points given below.

  • Login into the user’s Bigpond email account.
  • Click on settings and head to mail located on the left side of the window.
  • Users will then find Blocked Senders on the submenu
  • Enter the email which user wants to block and it will succeed.

For more on Bigpond mail reach out to us at Technical Support.

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