Change Ownership of My Telstra Bigpond Mail Service

You are a Telstra service user, and you are enjoying the services. But sometimes for some unknown reason, you may want to change the ownership of the Telstra Bigpond email services. If you think that transferring ownership of the Australian webmail is a complex task, then you are wrong. You need to get the right advice and instructions from the experts. It is also easy to get the complete details about the procedure from the official website.

Transferring Telstra services to different businesses and using their internet, webmail, and another group of services and this procedure is known as a Change of ownership. Additionally, the upfront plans have conveniently shifted to the new user. The strange thing is that the maximum plan of Telstra has been purchased before June 2019, and they can be easily moved to the new owner.

Requirements for Transferring the Ownership of Telstra Bigpond Mail Service

For changing the ownership of the Australian webmail account to the new user, here are the essential requirements:

  • Existing users must have access to the service if it is a mobile service or if they wish to move to a new account.
  • Please verify the identity, and if you transfer the account to a fresh consumer, then you need to verify their credit.

What Happens When You Receive the Ownership Invitation 

When you get an SMS and email from the Australian mail services to take service ownership, it is ideal to go to the nearest store of the company. Additionally, you can connect with the dedicated customer care department and accept the invitation as per your convenience. Moreover, you must have some essential documents and information: –

  • The reference number that you have received in the SMS and email
  • Relevant forms of ID
  • The four-digit transfer PIN is handed over by the existing owner to you.
  • You must have the accessibility to the contact information, including the registered mobile number and email ID provided by the existing owner.
  • Necessary details to perform the credit evaluation if applicable
  • Details to configure AutoPay payments if you have not configured AutoPay features with Telstra.
  • In case you need email service for your business, then you may need an Australian Business Number (ABN) or an Australian Company Number (ACN)

The transfer of ownership application usually consumes up to 7 working days, but all this will be based on:

  • The services or products for the transfer
  • The category of the services that are being moved, including business-to-business or business-to-consumers
  • Number of services being moved
  • Accuracy, legality, and completion of the form
  • The complicated process of order

The complete account transfer is not allowed by Telstra because they can move ownership of every service specifically. It can happen in the case of small business entrepreneurs, where the company can process complete account shifting if the new holder is a registered director of the business.

In case of any transfer of ownership, if it is related to business or Government, you need to connect with the Bigpond Customer support team for the entire process of ownership changing of the account and other services.

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