How do I Authenticate to Bigpond ?

If users have heard about Bigpond or Telstra mail and don’t have an idea about what service it provides then stay with us till the end, because the following information could be very helpful for users. All users are familiar with email service, now a dayit is the most used medium for communication. Telstra or Bigpond is the email service provider which provides excellent service. It is very necessary for users to select a genuine email client software, which is secure, easy to use, easy to handle changes. With Bigpond mail users will have no such difficulty, there are loads of free features which users can use to explore the email software. Users may not be aware but Bigpond mail has brought a feature where users can connect their other email account to their Bigpond account. The following users will be able to use both accounts from a common point. To learn more about Bigpond mail, kindly reach out to us at Technical Support.

Now looking at the basic introduction about Bigpond mail, we will now look at some of the features offered by Bigpond mail. There are loads of features offered by Bigpond in which we will be discussing a particular feature. With creating an account for every Bigpond email, the user is provided with cloud storage, and the storage capacity offered to each account is 10Gb. Users can easily upload their work to their accounts and save them. Users will be able to access their storage anywhere where the internet is available. Users must be very excited to use the service. There are no such changes required to use the service but if users want guidelines about how to navigate the storage then kindly give us a call at Customer Care, where everything will be explained in detail.

For new users who are about to create their first email account, there are some instances that need to be cleared. While creating an account there are several fields where users will have to provide their general information and after completing the process users will have to authenticate their identity. And in this step most of the user gets confused. Well, the process is done so that the account can be verified and at the time when the user requires to make changes in their account the process could be done easily. To make authentication, the user will have to provide their phone number or secondary email address. The code will be sent to the following account you have added. Then a verification code will be sent. After entering and verifying the authentication process will be completed while signing up for a new account. Hope the given information was helpful for users. If there is any sort of problem or issue regarding Bigpond then remember us at Support Service.

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