BigPond Webmail Notification Issues Solved

Email is one of the fastest, secure and most important modes of communication which is inseparably involved in our personal and professional life. As one of the largest tech giants of Australia, Telstra provides internet based services which includes BigPond webmail, now know as Telstra mail. This well-known telecommunication company has a very large customer base, and some of which might experience issues with the services sometime, as it happens in all services and systems.

Telstra services include webmail service, among other things, and as it is said earlier, users of webmail service may face some difficulties while accessing or using their account. Telstra helpdesk is always eager to help people who might suffer from their service related problems, but there might be some issues close to home which can very easily solve the problem a user is facing.

It is a common thing for BigPond webmail users to face the message of request time out, or unable to complete the request which the user might have tried earlier to process. There can be multiple reasons leading to this scenario, First of which is related to the network strength of the internet connection. If the user’s internet connection is spotty, or disrupting, the user is bound to face issues with webmail services. The solution is to connect their device to another strong internet connection and accessing their account.

It is a possibility that the device the user is accessing account webmail with, has some kind of firewall program which might be blocking the user form experiencing effortless webmail services. The user may try to identify and stop that particular program and try to access the webmail again.

Submitting incorrect username or password may lead to the same resulting scenario, so it is priority for the user to check the proper spelling of the email id and password before inputting them. In case of loss or forgetting the username and password, the user may try to contact the support desk, which might solve the problem the problem the user is facing.

Overloading the mailbox is another thing which might lead to the user receiving the message of request timeout in webmail services. The user should empty the trash folder from time to time, and delete the old, unnecessary received mails in regular intervals to stop experiencing this kind of situation.

Another thing that might result in the same situation is the server of the webmail being down for some technical issues. The user have to wait till the situation turns back to normal to access their webmail uninterruptedly, which might take a little to a significant duration of time, depending on the complexity of the situation at hand.

In any way, it is important to understand that the company does not wishes to see their customers unsatisfied with their services, and the Bigpond Customer Support team is always ready to lend hand to the users who might be facing this kind of problem. With a little coordination with them, and a little patience in the users end can solve the problem in not time.              

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