How to Improve Slow BigPond Webmail

Internet based services are our way of life these days. It is impossible to replace an internet based mode of commutation, which is equally important for our professional and personal life. Australia’s telecommunication mogul Telstra offers a very popular webmail hosting service known as BigPond or just Telstra mail these days. However, sometimes people face issues when using the Telstra mail, issues relating to being the webmail server too slow. It is important to understand that, most of the time, regular people cannot determine the  exact cause of the problem, hence the problem remains unsolved unless some drastic changed has been made.

The exact reason of webmail service being slow can differ from user to user, and from device to device. It is always a possibility that some technical glitch is slowing down the webmail hosting servers, and in that case, the user can do nothing but to wait up the storm to pass. But other reasons can be guilty of causing the harm, so it is to the best interest of the user to determine the exact cause and try to solve it, so the user can enjoy hassle free services.

First thing the user can check on if their internet connection is active. Interrupted network connections can slowdown the activity, which results in the user having difficulties in sending or receiving email. So, before trying anything else, the user should check on the active status of their internet connection, and then try logging in to use the webmail service again.

The user may check if the webmail server is down, which can be always a suspected cause of the problem. If it is the case, the user may try to contact the BigPond Customer Support Number desk who will try and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Another cause of interruption might be that the company is installing some upgrades or making some serious changes in their operations, which is causing the delay. In that case, the webmail access speed and experience should turn to normalcy within a short period of time.

Any unwanted application running behind in the user’s device might cause the user to experience same problem. The user will have to find out the problem and solve it themselves to retain the normal webmail services.

Any security feature in the device of the user may create same kind of issues, in which case the user must shut down the program for temporary basis to solve the problem.

The web browser the user is using is acting unsupportive or is burdened with extensions or plug-ins may cause the difficulties, in which case removal of said extensions or plug-ins should solve the problem.

If the email account is being used for a longer period of time, the user should delete the items from the trash folder, as well as from the sent folder, which are too old, and of no consequences, as burdening up useless items may tend to slow down the server, causing the user experience slow webmail speed.

An active and smooth email service is essential in today’s life, and with the user and the service provider working together to solve a problem, any difficulties tend to fade away in no time.  Call Bigpond Technical Support Number for resolve these issues.

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