Bigpond Troubleshooting Sending/Receiving Emails

If the users are having hindrance while sending/receiving emails and want to resolve ASAP, they have to follow the troubleshooting instructions to identify and fix the issue mentioned below:

  • The users have to make sure that their internet connection is secure and stable. working properly. Sometimes, email issues are occurred if the internet connection is not working properly or if there is a poor signal connection.
  • The users have to confirm that their email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird incoming and outgoing server settings for Bigpond. These appropriate settings for the configuration are found on the Bigpond or Telstra website, or they can contact directly Bigpond customer support for assistance.
  • The users have to double-check while using the username and password to log in to their Bigpond email account. If the users mistakenly use the wrong credentials, users can’t sign into the account, resulting in the inability to send or receive emails.
  • Sometimes, email clients can also trigger issues because of cached data. The users have to clear the cache and cookies and restart their email client to see if it resolves the issues.
  • The users are required to check their Bigpond email account has sufficient storage space and is not exceeding its storage limit. If the user’s mailbox is full of emails, they may not be able to send or receive any new emails. Delete the emails that are not useful or consider upgrading the storage space if required.
  • The users have to verify that there are no filters or rules set up in their email client that could be diverting incoming emails to other folders or blocking them altogether.
  • The antivirus software or firewall security programs can hamper or affect while sending and receiving emails. The users can temporarily disable these security programs and test, to send and receive emails. This step helps to check if the security programs are not causing the problems.
  • The users can log in to their Bigpond email account using a web browser (via webmail) to see if they can send and receive emails from there. If the users can send and receive email then the issue is within their email client configuration.

By following these methods, the users can resolve Bigpond troubleshooting sending/receiving emails. If none of the above instructions resolve the issue, call the Bigpond Customer Care Number for additional assistance. They will provide specific troubleshooting solutions or forward the issue to their technical team to resolve it for their customers.

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