Bigpond Email Spam or Phishing Concerns

The term Bigpond spam email are those spontaneous messages which are basically sent in bulk to a large number of recipients and contains misleading information or details.  These emails consist of annoying promotions for products or services to more malicious content, such as scams or phishing contents. Bigpond phishing emails are cyber-attack where the scammer have an intention to deceit people into revealing private or sensitive information. The phishing email comes from the trusted source such as banks, government agencies or reputable companies and attempts to get personals details such as password or debit/credit cards details. Both of spam mail and phishing are security threats which affect individuals, businesses and organizations. To understand and resolve the spam and phishing problems in Bigpond email, the users are required to follow the proactive measures and reactive steps mentioned below:

  • The users have to enable their Bigpond email account filter. The inbuilt spam filter of Bigpond will automatically detect ad divert the suspected spam emails into the delete or junk folder.
  • Sometimes the spam emails also can slip through the filters, the users have mark it as spam when appeared in the inbox. This process will help the filtering system to recognize similar emails in the upcoming days.
  • The users have to be cautious while clicking on the links or downloading any attachments from emails which seems to be unusual. Nowadays the scammers are very smart they use similar kinds of email address and icon so that the users may think that it’s from the official site and click on that link or give personal information, resulting phishing attempts.
  • The users have to check and verify the sender’s email address properly. If the senders’ emails claim to be from Bigpond but ask personal information and includes unexpected attachments, be cautious it’s a phishing attempt.
  • If the users receive a phishing email, they have to report it immediately. They can call the Bigpond customer support and ask for help. By reporting these scam emails, the Bigpond representatives will help to protect to all of the users from falling victim to the same scams.
  • The users have to understand and get informed about common phishing techniques and be able to spot phishing emails. To avoid phishing scams the users have to share this knowledge with friends, family and colleagues.
  • The users have to use a strong and unique password so that it’s will be difficult for the scammer for phishing attempt. Remember to avoid easily guessable password and the users can use a password manager to create and store complex passwords securely.
  • Bigpond also offers two-factor authentication features which acts as an extra layer for the security. If the 2FA is enabled, the users have to uses their password as well as additional verification method while logging to the account.
  • The users have to keep their devices as well as email client software up-to-date with the security latest patches. Updating helps to protect email account against scammer to gain unauthorized access to their email account.

The users have to keep in mind that the Bigpond will never call for any technical matter unless you contact them. To know more about phishing or spam email contact to Bigpond Customer Support.    

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