How to Transfer Bigpond subfolders to Gmail

Bigpond and Gmail are the email service providers where Bigpond email service is provided by Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company. On the other hand Gmail is one of the leading email service powered by Google. Both Bigpond and Gmail have their own unique features and service but Bigpond is only for Australia where as Gmail is used world widely.  Bigpond offers a secure email service, as well as access to other Telstra services which includes internet and mobile plans. Gmail, being a brand of Google it offers a user-friendly interface, robust spam filtering, and ample storage space. Gmail is also known for dynamic search capabilities, mobile app support, and easy integration with other Google apps such as Google meet, Google Drive and Google Calendar. Both Bigpond and Gmail have their own domain name and they are not interlinked with each other but the subfolders can be transferred from Bigpond to Gmail.

In order to transfer BigPond subfolders to Gmail the user have to follow these general steps:

1. Firstly open the browser and the user have to go to BigPond email account using their valid email address (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or the BigPond webmail interface).

 2. Then the next step is to create corresponding folders in your Gmail account where the users have to replicate the BigPond subfolders.

3. After the BigPond email account is opened, the users have to select and open the emails within the subfolders that the users want to transfer.

4. There is Forward option where the user can forward those emails to their respective Gmail account. There is an option where the user can select manually or can select multiple emails and forward them together.

5. Go to the Gmail account, and go to Inbox option or the designated folder where the user will receive forwarded emails.

6. After getting the forwarded email open it and you can see the “Move to” option where the user can move it to the corresponding label or folder that the users have created to replicate the BigPond subfolder structure.

7. Finally the user can repeat the above process for each subfolder, forwarding and moving the emails to the respective Gmail folders.

By following these steps, the users should be able to transfer your BigPond subfolders and their contents to Gmail. If the users are not able to transfer BigPond subfolders to Gmail then the Bigpond Customer Care are there to help you to sort it out.

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