Bigpond Sent an Email Bounce

Most of the time if the email is not delivered successfully the users will receive a bounce-back email from the bigpond.  The users will receive a bounce-back message where it contains information about why the email couldn’t be delivered. Here we mention some information regarding bounce-back and what the users can do to sort out the issues:

1)      Invalid Email Address: The users have to make sure that the email address which they have entered is correct. An error in the recipients’ email address could result in a bounce-back message.

2)      Mailbox Full: Most of the problems regarding bounce-back email from the Bigpond occurs due to the mail being full of mail in the mailbox. In order to prevent such a situation the users have to clear unwanted mail or increase the storage capacity. The Bigpond will charge some amount for increasing the storage capacity. Sometimes due to flocculation of the internet there might be issues so the users can try sending email again later on.

3)      Blocked by Spam Filters: Sometimes the user’s email might be flagged as spam or the recipients may block the user’s email address. The users have to make sure that their email doesn’t contain any illegal or dangerous threat content. The users can check the spam guidelines in order to prevent such activity.

4)      Server issues: If the user’s or recipient’s email server is down then it will result in bounce-back of the message. The users can try sending email again after sometime when the server is stable.

5)      Blacklisted Sender: Sometimes due to automation of the system the user’s email address is blacklisted. The users have to check with the recipient’s configuration and make sure that they have not blacking listed sender email addresses.

6)      Attachment Size Limits: While sending emails if the attachment file size exceeds then the sender will not be able to send the file to the receivers. As well as if the recipient’s email provider sets the limits of the attachment then they will not receive any emails from the sender as well.

7)      Authentication Failure: Sometimes there might be chances of wrong login credentials. The users have to make sure that the username and password which they are using to login their email account is correct.

If the users want to know information about the bounce then read the instructions carefully about the bounce-back message. This message includes a code error and a brief explanation about the issue. If more of the information is needed then we suggest you to get connected with Bigpond Customer Service for the further details and information.

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