Bigpond Send and Receive Email issue in Android Phone

Talking about a genuine email client service Bigpond email is the one for users, with the help of an email client users will be able to deliver the necessary message instantly to other users and while sending emails there are many interesting features that are included in the service. Email services such as attaching files, links, signatures, sending emails to multiple users, and more. And the best part of operating Bigpond email is that users can easily make changes on the webmail, the process for accessing the service is quite easy. If users are worried about if to access the feature user will have to pay separately then there is no need to make a such transaction. Once the user creates an account on the email client, all of the features will be made available to users. The feature for Bigpond email is not just limited to the webmail but also user will be able to access external feature which is added to Bigpond email. If users are interested in learning about Bigpond email features then kindly connect with Bigpond Support Service Number.

As we were mentioning about the external feature added to Bigpond email, the user will be able to connect their Bigpond email on Android devices. Well, there is also an option for users to head to Playstore and install Bigpond email on their device but if users are interested in connecting Bigpond email directly then the following feature is also available. The process for configuring Bigpond on Android is quite simple, the user will have to head to settings and make changes on the IMAP, POP, and SMTP email server. After making the user the change will be able to connect to Bigpond email on Android. If the user is new to Bigpond and doesn’t know how to make changes to their account then kindly reach out to Technical Support Service.

The times accessing email service there are cases where the user might encounter issues and errors. It is a normal part of email service and all users will get used to it. The issue which has been found on Bigpond email is that the user is not able to send/receive emails on an Android device. Try the given steps to solve the problem.

  • Make sure to check on the email client version, if the app is not at its latest version then it will not function correctly.
  • Check for the user’s internet connectivity. If the internet is not working kindly contact ISP.
  • If the user has changed server settings, then such an issue might occur

If there is any other such issue that occurred in the Bigpond email, then kindly connect with Bigpond Customer Support Number.

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