Bigpond Mail Imap Error in Android Phone

Telstra mail or Bigpond mail whichever name users prefer they can call it. It provides the same process where the name only differs. Actually, in the older version of the email service, it was called Bigpond email, now recently Telstra has decided to put a name with its own name for the email service. Well to talk about the email service, it easily delivers the composed email instantly to the receiver. And now the user will also not have to wait for the email to be delivered only if the receiver is online, the user can send it at any time, and at the time when the receiver is the online user can access the email in the Inbox folder. Sometimes the emails are not found in the Inbox folder, in such cases, it is suggested to the user to check on the Spam mail folder or All mail section. The user will be able to find the required email, and even after that if a user is not able to locate the email then kindly report the case to Bigpond Support Service Number.

Being a very cost-effective medium to deliver messages Bigpond has provided many new and latest features for users. The email service is mostly used for communicating with other users, it is used for promotion. Market place often uses email services to advertise their content and Bigpond email provides the best space to multiply the business. As it also adds to business use in which users will be able to access for sharing projects and tasks assigned on it. It is a very safe way to communicate and share data on the web. Bigpond has the best security which will keep users’ data safe and encrypted. It is sure that users will have to keep their account safe and to do that users can protect themselves by changing the password on a regular period of time and also use features such as two-factor authentication to secure the account. To learn how to use such features kindly connect with Bigpond Technical Support Service.

Now using email service also comes with issues and errors. There is nothing to worry about as it is not caused due to faulty Bigpond email software. These issues are created due to some missing parts in the email client. Looking at a certain problem, the user was facing an IMAP error on an Android phone. Check the points to solve the problem.

  • Head to the user’s phone and open Settings.
  • Then the user will have to scroll down and tap on Accounts.
  • Then tap on Add account option.
  • Users will have to select the email and move further.
  • Enter the user’s Bigpond email and password.
  • IMAP account should be set.
  • Provide the details, for the address.
  • Incoming port to 993, under Security Type option select SSL.
  • Next comes the Outgoing port to 465.
  • After completing the changes user will have to provide the name of the user account.

If the user is still facing the problem then kindly connect with Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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