Bigpond Send and Receive Email Problem in iPhone

Bigpond is known to be one of the best internet service providers and most accessed products which are provided by Telstra. All of the product which is provided by Telstra is widely used by users from around the world. Other services which users can access from Telstra are fast broadband connection, the latest 5G network service, Home phone, Webmail services, mobile and tablets, entertainment, etc. The email service which is provided by Telstra is a very powerful service that is available to use for personal and business users. All of the data stored in the user’s Bigpond email account is encrypted and no unknown user will be able to access that information. Also to protect users’ email accounts there are other security measures such as enabling two-factor authentication. It is a feature by which the login process will be divided into two parts, the user will have to connect to multiple devices and by signing in through both the device user will be able to sign in to their account. To learn more about Bigpond and its feature kindly reach out to Bigpond Support Service Number.

If we ought to mention the working principle of the email client then Bigpond has a very easy to understand user-interface. Bigpond is very easy to use and also making changes on the account is quite easy. After creating an account Bigpond email can be accessed through signing in. After that users can start to compose their emails and start sending emails. Users will also get to know the Inbox section of the email client in which all of the email folders will be located. The sent emails, received emails, Junk emails, starred emails, all emails. Users can also create separate folders on their accounts and save emails separately. And one of the best features provided by Bigpond is to connect the account with other services or devices such as iPhone. Through that user will be able to manage all emails from a common point. Learn more about Bigpond email through Technical Support.

Users did experience the service for connecting Bigpond email on iPhone and were happily accessing the service. But there was a situation where the user was not able to send or receive emails on iPhone. To solve the mentioned problem, follow the given points.

  • Users will have to check if the email settings have been altered or not.
  • Check the internet connection, and connect with ISP if necessary.
  • Perform a reboot on the user’s iPhone or restart the process of connecting the account.
  • If the device is running over an older version then the latest update is required.

For more information on Bigpond email kindly connect with Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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