Bigpond Email already Added Error in Outlook

Bigpond email which is also known to be called Telstra email is one of the best email client services available on the web. The reason for users to like the service provided by Bigpond are many, Bigpond has the easiest to access service, the user will not have to learn any special kind of skill to access the service, and the features which are used on applying on composed email is also very structured. The email service is available for all kinds of users; it can be accessed for sending email for personal use or Bigpond is capable of handling the email service for business use too. And to access the service user can download and access the webmail service on various devices. Windows, Android, and Mac all are supported with Bigpond email. If the user has any questions about the Bigpond email then kindly reach out to Technical Support Service.

As we mentioned there are loads of services which are provided by Bigpond email service. Discussing a particular feature on the email client, user can connect their Outlook account with Bigpond email by which users will be able to make changes to the account activity by altering the emails, deleting, and sending emails. The process to connect with Outlook is quite simple, the user will have to set up the account third-party client in which the protocol which will be used must be properly checked by users. In completing the process user should also check Outlook is running on the latest version and also user should be able to check if the two-factor authentication is enabled or not. If yes then the user will have to connect through both devices to enable the service. If a user faces any kind of issues or problems while connecting the account then connect with Bigpond Helpline Number, the expert will help the user with necessary instructions.

As we mentioned about the connection to the Outlook account, there were several cases where the user was not able to connect to the account. It is completely fine; this kind of issue often occurs while making a connection. But after users learn about the reason behind the cause it will be very easy for users to connect their accounts. Below we have mentioned the process of how to solve the problem.

  • Make sure to check on the version of Outlook and the user must also check if the connection is for Windows or Mac devices. It will differ according to the chosen user make.
  • The next thing is to check which third-party client the user is processing to, whether it is IMAP or POP account.
  • Users can check on the third part client manually.

After applying the given points user will be able to get away from the error which was shown while connecting to Outlook mail. If there is any other question for Bigpond email then don’t forget to give us a ring at Bigpond Customer Care Support.

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