Bigpond in outlook Unable to Send and Receive Mail

Telstra mail or the Bigpond mail is a very accurate and genuine emailing place where users are easily able to send or receive emails throughout the globe. Email service is known to be one of the classic and simple modes for exchanging messages. We can find many such emailing services but among them, there are only a few of them which are genuine and users enjoying the service. Telstra email is one of the email services which was called Bigpond in the earlier version. Looking at the features and functions provided by the email service there are many instances where the service can catch up with glitches or issues. Bigpond email also gets into such a situation, users may not find it easy to work under such conditions. In such a case, there is reliable Bigpond Phone Number for Bigpond mail which will take all necessary steps to solve and provide information to the customer.

Since the update came for connecting Bigpond mail to Outlook, many of the users have made such changes. By the following feature,users will not have to operate two different platforms to access their accounts. With the help of a single account, both accounts can be accessed easily. Working with such a feature one of the most faced issuesis users not able to send or receive emails on the Bigpond mail.

If users are interested in learning about how such issues have occurred? And how to resolve the problem, users can find the answers to the questions given below.

Reasons for the issue

Due to internet connection

Users will encounter issues at the time of sending or receiving email due to an internet connection.

How to solve

The best way to get over the problem here is to check on the internet status. Due to some error the internet the problem seems to have been occurred. If users are not able to fix it on their own, then contact the ISP internet service provider for further support. The next thing to keep in mind is to always check whether the firewall is turned off or not.

Due to maintenance Email service is down

While working with email service we should be aware that there are periods where the service provider has to perform a certain maintenance task. At the time of repairing the email,the service will not be live or cannot be used.

How to solve

There are no such steps or ways to fix the issue. The problem here is temporary and will be fixed after some amount of time. The Bigpond mail is always forward in providing uninterrupted service. And such maintenance part is often quickly completed. We suggest being patient and wait until the maintenance is completed.

For further inquiry about Bigpond mail, kindly connect with the Bigpond Technical Support Service.

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