Outlook gives Bigpond IMAP Server Error Notification

For users who are not familiar with Bigpond which is now called Telstra mail is a telecommunication-based service provider which is located in Australia. If looking at the service provided by the Bigpond mail, there are various communication associated services and the service for electronic mail. There is an additional service which is offered by Bigpond, users can access the IMAP service due to which the service can be consumed with the user’s device such as a computer or smartphones. To talk about the response from Bigpond Helpline Number about the service, users are very glad about the service which is offered by the Telstra mail. In the following week, there had been issues with Telstra/Bigpond mail. Users have mentioned that the problem here is seen with the Bigpond account connected with Outlook mail where users are having issues with the IMAP server. It seems that the server is throwing some server error notificationsdue to which the Bigpond mail is not working correctly.

This sort of error is associated with Bigpond mail; users can also find it by the name error 550. These sorts of issues often occur if users are using the same network to send multiple emails. Due to various devices, the IMAP server sometimes gets into such sort of error. It is highly suggested to users to contact Bigpond Customer Care for such sort of error notification. In a case where if the user is looking to solve the issue on their own, we have prepared a list of steps to correct the error notification. It is always best to try out to solve the problem on our own, which does help us in solving issues in the future.

To get started with the solution, the first user can head to their browser and search for any such topic, if the search engine works then the user will not have to reach for the ISP customer service. The thing which users will have to work on is the re-configuration of IMAP settings. To do so follow the procedure which is mentioned in the points below.

IMAP settings configuration for Bigpond mail.

  • The first thing to do is head to the browser and login into Bigpond mail.
  • Then click on settings and head to IMAP settings.
  • A form will be shown where the user will have to fill it up with the following account as IMAP.
  • The server port should be set to 993, make sure the number is correct.
  • Then comes the incoming server address, set it to imap.telstra.com
  • For encrypted connection user will have to set it as SSL.
  • Making changes on the outgoing server, change the server port to 465/587.
  • For outgoing server address, fill the space with smtp.telstra.com
  • Then on the given field enter the Bigpond email address.
  • At the final step user will have to enter their account address with a password.

These are the best steps for configuring IMAP settings for Telstra email. By following the steps server error notification will be removed. If the user gets into any issues or questions regarding Bigpond mail. Don’t forget to contact the Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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