Bigpond Email IMAP Server Error

Email service is known to be the mode of communication that is secure, comparatively fast, and a vital part of delivering information over the web. Email can be used for both personal and professional use, moreover, it is used for professional use.Being one of the biggest tech leaders in Australia, Bigpond mail which is now known as Telstra mail is a place where it provides all sort of internet-based service which also contains the Bigpond webmail. If looked upon the telecommunication service, there is a huge customer base and there is always a chance of facing issues with such services. These sort of minor issues are normal where Bigpond mail does try to minimize to make the user experience more accurate.

As discussing issues, there had been some problem with Bigpond webmail. It has been mentioned that the webmail service is having a problem with the IMAP server. The server is throwing an error due to which users are not able to download their email on a computer or phone. We would want to inform users that there is also another name for the issue which is termed as Bigpond Email error code 550. The main reason for getting this sort of error is when the users are using more than a single computer that is sending emails using the same network. One of the thing which might strike the user at the exact moment is that if their domain is blacklisted. Not to worry, no such things have occurred to the user’s domain, but the thing we suggest is to get support from the Support Service. It, not a compulsion that users need to contact the Bigpond Contact Number, users can also try to solve the problem on their own, in such a case we will provide all the necessary steps to solve the IMAP server error.

Let’s get started. To start, kindly check if the internet is working or not looking anything thing on any of the search engines. After making sure the internet is working correctly now the user will have to make changes to their IMAP server. Without losing any time further, let’s get into the process.

IMAP Settings for Telstra/Bigpond webmail

  • Open user’s default browser and load Bigpond webmail.
  • Next login into the user’s following account and head to settings.
  • In settings, the user will have to click on IMAP settings.
  • A form will be displayed, fill-up the form with necessary details.
  • Now there are various sections in which users will have to make changes.
  • Here first comes incoming server port, change to 993.
  • And the incoming server address to
  • Then the connection for encryption must be set to SSL.
  • Next, the outgoing server port must be set to 587 or 465.
  • Then in the outgoing server fill the space with

With the help of the following, step user will be able to update the IMAP settings which will eventually remove the server error. For more on Bigpond Webmail connect with Bigpond Support Service.

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