Bigpond imap server pop up comping in outlook

There are many emailservice providers but which one has the best service for email? Bigpond webmail is one the best email service provider which has the best email features. Bigpond is a telecommunication company where broadband connection service is provided to the user. In addition, email service is also added to their list. Users can make it clear that Telstra and Bigpond are the same company. In the older version,the company used Bigpond mail which now has been changed to Telstra mail. Email service is mostly used for communication, the process is very simple. The user will just have to create an email account and right after that sending email will be accessible. There is no such cost required to use the service, the only thing required to email service is a computer and internet connection. If users have any questions about Telstra mail, we offer our users Customer Support where everything about Telstra mail will be explained.

After getting connected with Telstra mail, users can find many features to use attached with the email. And we must be clear that using such service sometimes may not go as expected. We are here talking about issues and errors popping out while using the service. Not to worry as we have the best experts to help out users to solve their queries and problems, user can simply find their answer at the Technical Support.

Let us look over some of the problems which might occur with Telstra mail. Sometimes the IMAP server may not respond pleasantly. There was an error with Bigpond mail where the IMAP server was showing pop in Outlook. What are the possible solutions to the problem then, lets find it out. We have provided a list of instructions, users can follow them to solve the issue.

  • The first thing we have to check on the entered username, keep in mind full email address of the user’s account must be entered.
  • Next users must check whether the outgoing server settings are not altered and have the correct encryption type enabled.
  • To check on the Outgoing server, the user will have to click on the file.
  • Then open Account settings.
  • Locate your email account and double-click on it.
  • Click on More Settings and Advanced.
  • Check for ports where SSL is set to 465 as a security type.
  • If users have set 25 or 587 set the port to TLS.
  • Finally, make sure the Outgoing server check box is ticked marked.

After going through the steps, users will have a general idea of what might have gone wrong due to which pop-up was displayed in Outlook. Even after getting into the instructions, the user can’t figure out the problem then reports the issues to Bigpond Phone Number where the experts will help users to solve the problem.

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