Bigpond Imap Server Issue in Mac Mail

Nowadays email has become a compulsion for every type of user living in a society. Email is used in every field of work. As technology is emerging rapidly so is the manner of communication. Communication is a very vital source to correctly interconnect and build relations in the world. Email is one source that has been used for a very long time to communicate easily and smartly. Emails can be used either formally or privately, an email service provider such as Bigpond has its system built-in sucha way where there is no chance of security breach. User’s data is completely safe where no hackers can get into your system and steal your information. Know more on how Bigpond security protects user’s data at Customer Support.

Apple mail is another webmail service that also has been providing email service for a very long time. The webmail can be used in macOS, iOS, iPadOS. The service can be extended further by connecting to other email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, yahoo. In addition, Apple adds another service where users are allowed to receive all emails after configuring the software and adding signature automatically in all outgoing mail. There are other features too added with the Webmail, the interested user can contact to the Support Service Number.

Bigpond mail users are having some issues with the IMAP server when connected with Mac mail. These sorts of issues are often experienced, we are here to provide solutions to our users. Kindly follow the given points.

  • Before we start, the user will need their Telstra email username and password
  • Users must keep in mind the setup and operating of the email account may consume some data charges.
  • Now open Mac mail.
  • Head to the main menu and click on Preferences.
  • Click on the Account window and press the “+” sign located on the left side of the window.
  • In add Account section users will have to enter their login credentials as mentioned here: Enter full name, Email address(, password.
  • Click on Continue
  • Next comes Incoming Mail server window. The user will have to update the settings. Set the incoming e-mail server type to “IMAP”. Set incoming Mail server to “”.Enter users’ full e-mail addresses and passwords.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Then comes the change for Outgoing Mail Server. Update as mentioned: Outgoing server to “”, make sure to tick on the checkbox which says, “Use only this server”, the check box should not be ticked for “Use Authentication”, enter users full email address and password.

After completing the mentioned points users can re-check on the issues in Mac mail. In case the problem still remains then the user will have to report it directly to Bigpond Technical Support.

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