Bigpond Email Username Password Rejected in Iphone Ipad

Sometimes there might be a chance when users have to face issue recovering their email username and password on their iphone or ipad. If the users are facing such kind of issues then there are several steps to be followed:

Recovering Bigpond email password:

  1. First of all the users are required to open a web browser on their computer or mobile device.
  2. Then go to the official Bigpond Forgot Password page.
  3. The users have to provide the email address associated with their Bigpond account.
  4. To verify the identity the users need to follow the prompts available on their screen.
  5. While verifying the identity the users may be asked to answer the security questions or use other verification methods.
  6. Once the identity is verified the users are able to reset their Bigpond email password.
  7. Choose a strong and unique password to secure the account.

Updating Email settings on iPhone or iPad:

  1. The users have to go to “Settings” app on their iphone or ipad.
  2. Then scroll down and select “Mail”.
  3. Tap on the “Accounts” or “Mail Accounts” section.
  4. The users are required to find and select their Bigpond email account.
  5. Enter the new password that the users have set during the recovery process.
  6. Save the changes and the users are able to use the updated password for their Bigpond email account.
  7. The users have to double check and confirm their settings to make sure there are no typos and errors.
  8. If the changes don’t take effect immediately then restart the Mail app.

Additional Tips:

  1. The users have to make sure that their Bigpond email account status is active and not suspended.
  2. The users have to confirm that their Apple ID password is also up to date.
  3.  Sometimes if the users are using VPN then it might interfere with email services. Disable the VPN and check if it helps to resolve the issues.
  4. Clear out cache and cookies if the users are accessing their Bigpond email through a safari web browser.
  5. Remember not to use multiple login attempts. These will results to an account logout.
  6. The users have to delete the existing Bigpond email account on their device and set it up again.

 By these following steps the users are able to recover the Bigpond email username password in their iPhone or iPad. If the problem still persists then contacting Bigpond customer care will help to resolve the issues. The Bigpond customer care representatives will figure out the problem that the users are facing and help to resolve it.

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