Bigpond email sign-in issues

Bigpond was/is an email service provider overlooked by the Telstra Media Company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. This mail service gives IMAP access to one Bigpond account so that the users can connect their email from mobile phones as well as a desktop version of the software. This means that you don’t have to use the webmail interface of Bigpond. If you are new to this service, feel free to contact our Support Service and one of our representatives will get in touch with you and explain everything there is to set up while creating a new account.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the problem of why you can’t sign in to your Bigpond account. There maybe be several reasons to look into. Below are some of the main issues users face when they can’t sign into the Bigpond email.

First, make sure that you are properly connected to the internet or check if you have slow connection issues. Go to your web browser and speed test your internet connection and make sure that your internet is working effectively. If one of the following problems is there, the problem will continue so make sure that your internet is running properly. Another often overlooked factor is that one could be using an old or incorrect password. You might have changed the password recently or could have even forgotten it. Bigpond doesn’t let users access their account until and unless a correct password is entered. So make sure you remember and enter the right password. Another reason the sign-in issues arise is if the user’s account has been hacked. If this is the case, one must recover his/her hacked account quickly through the account recovery process.

Now that we’ve seen the reasons and causes of the issues, let’s dive into some troubleshooting tips that might help you get back and access your Bigpond email. Follow the points given below carefully.

  • The first thing you do when you cannot access your account is to check if you have entered your username or password correctly. Make sure they are entered correctly.
  • If you find any dubious activities in your account or believe that your account may have been hacked, take appropriate measures immediately.
  • While entering your password, make sure that the caps lock key on the keyboard is turned off.
  • Make sure that your internet is running properly. Check and load other sites to verify.
  • If the above options fail to resolve your login issue, feel free to contact our Support Centre so that they can help you access your account back.

We have now mentioned the causes for sign-in issues on your Bigpond account and the solutions to solve the problems as well. For further queries, feel free to contact us at Bigpond Technical Support.

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  1. David W Jones

    Telstra now wants to send code to my old email address which was shut down by the provider – how do I get in now and then change the email ?


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